NYC: It’s okay

  In my recent visit back home, to Austin, I had to recount my life here in NYC to a lot of different people. It was interesting to listen to my own sum-up of the last seven months slowly go from a lengthy description to a simple “It’s hell on a cracker, but I love […]

Is this my river?

Moving to New York is exhausting – like running a marathon. It takes so much endurance and the first several months, your sides are aching and you don’t know how to properly hydrate. Little things that were once so easy now seem to take up an entire day. Running errands, doing laundry, grocery shopping – […]

On Mondays, I Wear Dresses

Procrastination. The thing I learned best in school. Why is it that it feels so good to push something onto the back burner that you know you are going to have to confront and get done, that you WANT to get done. To just ignore it. That feeling of accomplishment when you are mentally pushing […]

After Neverland

  You may have heard me say, or have said it yourself, that there should have been a class at the end of college that taught you how to be a grown up. You know, the basic simple things the world assumes is common sense, but every individual most likely has some kind of horror […]

A very belated Happy Mother’s Day.

This morning, as I sat down to begin work at my internship, I noticed in a different light what it was that I had brought with me for my on-the-go breakfast – a Diet Coke, a Nature Valley peanut-flavored chewy breakfast bar, and my thermos of coffee with hazelnut coffee creamer. I stared at these […]